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advice on these offers

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  • advice on these offers

    I am tring to make my decision in two offers:
    one from Mercer in New York in their health care and benifit team.
    one from AIG in California in their variable annuity product line. I will be in prodcut development team.

    There are several factors will impact my decision:
    1.the culture in the company: encourage self development and potential to grow.
    2.reach FSA
    3.I am considering the job market after 20 years. Any advice about what job market might be in the field of health care and variable annuity? I know baby boomer have huge impact on variable annuity, what will happen after baby boomer end? will variable annuity a less favaroble choice?

    4. I want to steer my way to risk management field, any suggestion about in which field will make my way to risk management easier? Thanks.

    One thing, the offer I got from insurance company dose not have rotation program, will that be a huge negative impact on my career goal? Thanks!!!!!!!!!