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Qualification Conversion???

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  • FSA
    I am unaware of any universities in the US that recognize professional designations in lieu of an undergraduate degree, for entrance into a master's program.

    With an undergrad degree you would get a much broader education than you would get from a master's degree however. Since you've passed the first four exams I have no doubt about your aptitude in mathematics; a Bachelor's degree would give you the opportunity to experience a wider variety of subjects.

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  • ChrisW
    started a topic Qualification Conversion???

    Qualification Conversion???

    Dear Professor:

    I am a non-degree student with 4 SOA papers on hand. I have took course 6 on May (waiting for the result) and am planning to take course 5 this coming Fall, hopfully to get my ASA before conversion. On the other hand, I am thinking to go back to college (to have a degree). I am wondering the qualification on ASA (or even FSA) would be equal to a Bachelor degree in the US? If yes, can I go directly to a master degree? Thank you very much