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    I'm yet to take my first exam. I'm scared of multiple choice questions as am never acurate at my last answers. Anyway to beat this? Please help I'm used to essay and structured questions.

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    How often do you change your answer? Normally, when working a mathematically based multiple choice test, I work the problem WITHOUT looking at the choices, and see if my answer fits a choice. Now, the only problem with this approach is if (which is likely) the wrong answers are due to a single error in the calculations. Confidence is key on any exam, however, and if you are confident in your mathematical ability, you shouldn't change answers often at all.

    What I usually do after completing my questions is go back to questions I was iffy about, and rework them WITHOUT looking at my previous work. If I get the same answer, nine times out of ten, it's right (that's how I got 100% on my Intro to Probability Final Exam, I worked the test twice straight, and got the same answers each time).