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Some help please with course selection (Is numeral analysis needed?)

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  • Some help please with course selection (Is numeral analysis needed?)

    To begin, I am in Second Year Math and Stats Student. In first
    semester this year, I took (probability theory) and (mathematics of finance). I did my research and these are courses
    related to Exam 1/P and Exam 2/FM.

    I'm taking (differential equations), (real analysis), (Linear Algebra III) and (Statistical Methods). Are (Linear Algebra III) and (Statistical Methods) important classes for upcoming actuary exams? I'm really not looking forward to taking (Linear Algebra III) if its not needed in future actuary exams - its very very hard math.

    A fellow student of mine insisted that the course,(Numerical
    Analysis 1) is needed for future actuary exams. I searched all over
    the web however, I could not find any actuary site speaking of this.
    Is (Numerical Analysis 1) an important class in upcoming actuary exams? If not, I do not wish to take it.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Numerical Analysis is not needed and neither is Linear Algebra III. The statistical methods may be of some help, depending on exactly what would be covered in the course. More Probability Theory and various statisitics courses (like Applied Stats, Biostats, etc.) would be more appropriate to fulfill your Math electives. Don't forget to take some good economics and accounting courses and a couple programming courses. I recommend an Advanced Microeconomics and an Advanced Macroeconomics course as well as a couple of good Accounting courses. For programming, I suggest a course on Visual Basic and a course on Databases. Good luck.


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      Thank you so much I really appreaciate your help!