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    Hi, everyone
    I'm looking into taking actuarial exams, so I was looking around the different actuarial sites, and I stumbled across this forum. I looked at many of the posts, and they were really helpful. I decided this would be the best place to post a few of my own questions. Maybe, someone could help me out. I was wondering, is there possibilities of getting an entry level job, without having completed your degree? If you've taken courses that have familiarized you with the subject matter, or if you have passed an actuarial exam, is there still a chance for you to get an entry level job, and work your way up from there? My second question is regarding the VEE courses that are offered online. Can you get college credit for taking the VEE online courses that are given in economics, corporate finance, and regression analysis.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Not being able to finish a degree in college shows that you might be kind of flaky and not be able to commit to the field. Insurance is a pretty conservative field and I doubt anyone would hire you unless you have experience at some respectable job.

    I'd check with the university. If they can give you a transcript with the appropriate course number on it and it looks exactly the same as the regular class, I suppose it would also count for VEE. If it says something like, Econ 200 (online) I'd be worried.
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