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    I'm currently at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec studying Civil Engineering 1st year. The first year is general science (Chem, Phys, Accelerated Calculus program, Linear Algebra, Computer Science). I have managed to maintain a 4.0gpa. I am interested in possibly becoming an actuary and thus have decided to apply to transfer to U Toronto. However, it's hard to say at this stage whether I want to be a actuary for sure, I am definetly interested in Mathematics, at least. Would it be best to transfer to Toronto's Acturial Science program or is it best to transfer to BSc Mathematics (taking lots of Stats, Probability and Econ courses) to keep my options open? Any advice would be appreciated!

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    that's a question you yourself need to figure out. If you are not so sure about being an actuary, then majoring in math doesn't hurt at all. Being a math major, you can take the courses that fit actuarial science, such as probability, stats, and some econ/finance courses like Econometrics are very helpful as well. But afterall, passing the exams are difficult, very difficult. So without alot of motivation and persistence, it'll be hard to become an actuary (licenced one of course). You should also considering apply to some actuarial internships and see what is the real working environement like, what kind of stuff they do, etc. Best of Luck!


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      We had 2 interns last summer that were attending school at McGill. However, you need to research this field to find out if you really want to be into it before you start changing majors and/or schools. Having the "...well, I was going to school and I saw the field and I thought, hey - why not give it a shot" approach isn't going to get you into this field. You either need to be in with both feet or out with both feet; one in and one out is going to get treated as if you've got both feet out.
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