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    Hi. I looking for some advice on how best to enter the profession. I completed my BS in 2000, in Community Health. From there, I took a summer program at a graduate school, did a few odd jobs, and basically worked on finding myself. In the process I also found a husband and a small child
    I have been a stay-at-home mom up until now, and am ready to start my career. I have always loved math, but I've only taken one stats class and through the 2nd of the series of 3 calc courses that my college offered. I am confident that I can teach myself everything needed to pass the first couple of exams, but I wonder if my resume won't hold me back even if I pass the tests with flying colors.
    Should I go back to school just to show that I am dedicated to the hard work that the profession requires, or will the fact that I have settled down and chosen a career (and taken the time to study for and pass the exams) take care of that for me?
    I know I can shine in an interview, but I need to get that far in the application process first. Anyone else out there a late comer, maybe with some tips on looking good on paper?