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Low-ranked AS program or high-ranked Math program

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  • Low-ranked AS program or high-ranked Math program

    I'm 32 and have finally decided to go back to school for my BS. I live in Memphis TN and have a choice between two degree programs:
    Actuarial Science Program at University of Memphis
    Mathematics at Christian Brothers University.

    According to some recent college rankings, University of Memphis rated pretty poor. They have a dedicated AS degree program but overall, the U has some pretty low rankings (fifth-tier).

    Christian Brothers University doesn't have a AS degree program but has a Mathematics program. CBU has a much better ranking compared to UofM. CBU is in the top 30 southern colleges.

    My questions are:
    Which program should I go for? A questionable-quality AS program at UofM or a high quality Math degree from CBU?

    Does the college you go to have a big factor in getting the job? Would an AS degree from UofM be a 'resume stain'?

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    The AS program will leave you much more prepared to pass exams than a plain Math degree. A degree in mathematics will also place you on the right track to pass exams, especially if you can take electives in the finance and statistics areas. Keep in mind also the change in the exam process which requires you to take courses in required fields now from an accredited university. These are after my time so maybe someone else can explain this to you.

    I don't think any mathematics, actuarial science, or statistics degree will be a stain on your resume. In the end it is your ability to pass exams in an efficient manner which will land you an interview.



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      ''' thx for the quick response

      After doing some thinking, I believe the Math program would be a better choice. Taking the cheaper AS program would first, give me a cheap AS degree and second, pigeonhole me into a job field I may or may not enjoy. A strong math degree would allow me the actuarial field plus others if I change my mind later.


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        As was already said, you should take a look at whether any courses at either school give you credit for VEE. It's not urgent, but it will save you some time down the road.
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