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Help for career changer!!

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  • Help for career changer!!

    Hello! After 4 years out of college in two Account management and marketing positions, I am ready to do something I love. (That, and I was living in New Orleans and lost everything, so I might as well use this time to pursue a career that I'm interested in.)

    I was a finance major in college, and always loved math, statistics, etc. I had thought about actuarial science in high school, but went for a more general business education instead.

    So, my question is...what should I be doing to prepare myself for the examinations? I realize I am at a disadvatage since I've been out of school so long, but is it possible to get 'back in the game'? I can audit math classes at a local college (which has an actuarial science major), but I guess I'm just inquiring as to whether I might be in over my head. Thanks!

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    If you can still pass exams, you're still game. Go to and try out some previous course 1 exams. Rather than going back to school, you'll probably want to study on your own.
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