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I'm Discouraged from my exams

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  • I'm Discouraged from my exams

    I have taken the P exam 2 times since graduating college, and got a 5 on the last one. I have graduated college in May, been living with my parents (taking the exam), and could do every problem in the study guide. The SOA won't release a copy of SOA Exam P for last session so I can't review what I got wrong cause I don't have the questions; I'm doomed to repeat the same mistakes. What should I do? I use ACTEX study guide (Broverman) and flash cards. How can I improve if I don't know what are the unusual questions that tripped me up?


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    Try using a different study guide and/or textbook?
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      Exam P is not so hard to pass, be patient and keep practice more on calculus and probability questions, make sure you are familar with those formulas and transformations skill..

      BTW, you can also find some past year exam question for practice, as questions style should be different between SOA official questions and those study manual.

      good luck on your next try!
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