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Little help plz? Exam P and internship

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  • Little help plz? Exam P and internship

    Hey guys! I am going to Wayne State and interested in becoming an actuary and would appreciate if I could get some advice in what direction to go in, in reference to taking Exam P and getting a summer 2006 internship.

    I just finished a class in probability theory and now am starting a class in statistical theory that applies the probability distributions we learned. I am wondering will this be sufficient preparation for Exam P, i.e. should I go ahead and plan to take Exam P in May?

    I am also wondering if anybody could give me any good suggestions for internships and what I need to do to get one for next summer. I was just wondering if I don't take Exam P till the middle-end of May, and then it takes however long to get my scores, if most employers would still be interested in giving me an internship by that time.

    Thanks in advance!