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  • Major in Actuary Science?


    I am currently a college student and I need to choose a major very soon, I have been undeclared for quite a while now and my advisor has been on me to pick a major. My question is: Do you think majoring in Actuary Science is a good idea? The actuary field interests me and I am pretty good at math. Is pretty good good enough? What was your first though when I wrote that I am just "pretty good" at math? I could still become an actuary with any major-- right? I guess I am just concerned that I won't pass the exams and will have a degree in a field that is meaningless because I never passed the exams. I have taken the first Calc. course and didn't find it to be too difficult.
    I want your honest opinion, please don't try and be too nice. On a scale of 1-10 how hard would you consider the exams (first, second, and third anyways) and how would you rate your math ability (not how many math courses you have taken... more how easily you pick up math) on a scale of 1-10?
    I wouldn't consider myself worthy of an M.I.T. scholarship, but certainly not dumb. Are the exams worth getting worked up about, it seems as though some people speak about them as if anyone who passes them is a genius and that some people shouldn't even attempt them-- not on this site, I don't mean you guys. I'm not doubting that you need to be smart to pass the exams, but how smart? What are your thoughts? What did you major in? Any response would be appriciated.


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    I don't consider myself pretty good at math. I'm probably more like "half decent." Actuarial math doesn't use a lot of the difficult concepts that I learned in upper level math. A lot of it's computational. The exams can be difficult if you're not willing to put in the time required to learn the material. When you consider the people taking these exams are the top math students across the nation and still only ~40% of the people sitting for the exam pass, you should realize not to take them too light-heartedly.
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      Hi forum im new here. Im currently an actuarial student from jamaica,at the university of the west Indies. My problem is can i take the exams here in jamaica or do i have to go abroad?


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        Everything you need to know is at

        I looked quickly and it appears they offer exams in Kingston, Jamaica.

        Good luck


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          what section must i look under? another question,im aware that they have different societies to take the exams from. the site u gave is from the Society of Actuaries. Now what exams should i take first if i decide to take them now. thanks in advance for your reply