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  • Minor in insurance?

    I'm a high school senior wondering what I should plan on doing for college. I'm taking a course based on exam 1/P this May and will take the exam late July. I will be attending Illinois State University this fall, and I will have Calculus I thru III complete, a prob/stats class complete, and I'm planning on passing exam 1/P since I'm starting to study now and have about seven months to study. I feel pretty confident about that. But I need help deciding what route I should take while studying at Illinois State:

    1) Major in AS and just focus on exams and internships.
    2) Major in AS and minor in insurance taking more of a P/C course load (property and liability insurance courses).
    3) Major in AS and minor in insurance taking the life/health route (health insurance courses)

    I don't know a whole lot about the differences between P/C and health, but as of now I am more interested in the P/C side of actuarial work. I'm planning on getting an internship the summer after my freshman year since I'll have two exams passes and will plan on sitting for another next May or summer. Should I wait on my internship to decide which route I would like to pursue? I'll probably get an intership with State Farm or Pinnacle (those are my top priorities because they are headquartered in Bloomington (ISU)). I'm thinking that I should get an intership and see what my chances are of employment with that company and then take insurance courses on that side? But maybe I won't even work in the insurance industry. Any input on this would be greatly appreciated.
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