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Which Undergrad Should I Choose?

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  • Which Undergrad Should I Choose?

    I'm currently in CEGEP (2-year pre-university program in Quebec) and should go to McGill university in Fall 2010. The undergrad lasts 3 years (90 credits) so you could consider me a "Freshman" since I'm completing my last year of cegep.

    There are two programs that interest me:

    a. Double Major in Stats & Comp Sci (72 credits) + Minor in Economics (18 credits).

    b. Major in Math (54 credits) + Minor in Finance (18 credits) + Minor in Economics (18 credits).

    The Math major has the same courses as the Stats major and some other math courses.

    I plan to study for the exams on my own and should sit for Examp 1/P coming July/August after taking a Cal 3 and Probability & Stats course in Winter 2010 in cegep.

    Any opinion is welcome
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    If I could change my background to make passing exams easier...

    I would choose Math Major and take micro,macro,corp finance,C++, accounting, and public speaking. I would also get involved with research using SPSS and SAS. I would choose pure math major over applied because you get better mental conditioning. I would also get a part time job tutoring Calculus/Probability/Stats.