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Best Statistical Software to Learn??

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  • Best Statistical Software to Learn??

    Hi, I was just wondering what statistical software is used in most actuary companies? It would be nice if someone can give me their input who has any experience in the actuary field. I hear SAS is becoming very important to know, but how about MatLab, SPSS, '''''...etc Thank you!

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    One has to learn SPSS? I didn't know there was any coding done in that...

    You should know Excel/Access and VBA.

    Knowing how to read basic SQL queries is an asset.

    SAS would be beneficial to at least know the basic syntax for.

    That to me is in order of importance. Do you know any of the above?


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      I don't know any of them, I just needed to know which one's were important so i don't waste time learning something that wasn't going to be useful in the actuary world. Thanks alot for your advice, i think i'm going to learn excel, VBA and SAS.