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Want ot be an Actuary

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  • Want ot be an Actuary

    Hi, I hold a graduate degree in the field of computers and currently working for a software industry in India (Asia) (working for an insurance client). I am interested in taking up this.
    But these are my questions. It would be really of great help if anyone can guide me.

    What all different lines that I can look for pursuing this course? How many papers are there?

    Are the exams conducted online, so that I can take up exams any where in the globe?

    Would this force me to be full time student?

    What is best suited for a person like me? I don’t hold any graduation on the financial stream. Would better say I don’t know much of economics and finance as my graduation was in computers and software’s.

    I would like to pursue this along with my work. Thanks for all your help in this.