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Wondering how I stand and any advice

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  • Wondering how I stand and any advice

    Hi all,

    I am a third year at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor majoring in Economics and Actuarial Math. Have a 3.4 GPA but have not passed any exams. I feel that I have a strong knowledge of the field and of what it entails. I have also not had any internships. This year I have had two interviews (CNA and Hewitt) and have two more coming up (PWC and Mercer). I am sitting in for the January P exam, which I failed once already, and think that this is going to be the same. Study time was severely hindered by a death in the family over winter break. This semester I have decided to take a lighter course load (14 credits) in hopes that I can study for the May sitting of P while still holding a 20 hour a week job. I am also trying to job shadow Towers Watson (Watson Wyatt and Towers Perrin have recently merged) two Fridays a month. Besides that, it is hard to get many more extra curricular activities that would hold weight on my resume which is already fairly week due to the necessity of work. I was wondering if there was any advice on what sorts of activities I could do to improve my weak resume and what are the thoughts on where I stand, as my GPA is below 3.5.

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    You need to further lighten your course load, if that's what it will take for you
    to pass some exams.
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      Unless you know someone, work harder. A lot harder. A death in the family is a terrible thing and I'm sure everyone would send their condolences however look at your competition. People with 2+ exams and possibly an internship can't always find a job. Think about it.