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  • Actuarial technician position

    Hi...I will be graduating in May with a major in Mathematics and a minor in computer science. I have a 3.74 GPA, one internship, one exam passed, and sitting for FM in February.

    I know finding an entry level job is difficult right now. I am considering applying for an actuarial technician position which does not require exams or offer a student actuarial program. What are the disadvantages of a non-exam track position? Are there advantages? I am thinking it would be a way to get my foot in the door. Would a non-exam track technician job look good on a resume?

    Any advise would be appreciated. Thank you!

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    Hi flobyrob,

    I think it's absolutely a good idea. At some companies, technicians actually get exam raises and study time, but it sounds like you are referring to a strictly non-exam track position. At any rate, you would be heavily involved in actuarial work and learning at a very fast pace. And it would look great on a resume. Also, you have an internship (I assume you meant actuarial), and this would compound your experience.

    And the important thing is that you'd still be taking exams regardless of how the company treats them (provided they don't make you work much overtime, cramping your time). Taking exams, as you've probably already read a zillion times, is the single most useful thing you can do to advance your career prospects in the early stages. Once you've passed a bunch, nobody is going to care about your first title.

    I'm guessing the position involves a good deal of implementation/computer work which would be very instructive. Good luck.