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    Hi guys. I'm using this forum as the VEE forum has never been posted in so I wasn't sure it would be seen. Let me explain my situation here as I could use some advice.

    I graduated in May 05 with a BSc Math major from Okanagan University College (OUC). I have a very strong economics background (I was one course shy of a minor) and took both micro and macro at the 400 level. Obviously, paying for and taking a course to get this VEE credit is pretty stupid.

    However, I'm not sure how to get my courses approved as they're not on the list. As of September, OUC does not exist any more. It got taken over by University of British Columbia (UBC) and is being called UBCO (O for Okanagan).

    The SOA currently grants credit for Econ 101 and 102 from UBC. I took OUC's Econ 115 and 125, and UBCO offers credit for 101/102 if students took 115/125 at OUC. Would the SOA accept this direct link? Even if they did, is UBCO the same as UBC since it's a new campus of the same university? Would I have to submit approval for UBCO courses?

    The other thing I'm looking at is, during the takeover, the other campuses of OUC didn't join UBC and instead became Okanagan College (OC). OC still offeres Econ 115 and 125 under the same course code. They're not on the SOA list so I'd have to get them approved. If I got them approved would that count for the same courses when it was known as OUC? It seems better than trying to get approval for courses from a school that doesn't technically exist any more if SOA doesn't accept the OUC/UBCO link.

    I realize the whole situation is confusing, however if anyone has any advice it would be much appreciated.


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    Go here for forms, FAQs, etc...

    I would say maybe just submit separate applications for OUC and OBCO (It doesn't take too long to fill them out). I would also attach an explanation similar to the one you left here. Also, I would include as the university contacts someone who could answer any questions about this for the SOA.


    You could do what I did and just wait a little while. I didn't bother gettin my courses approved a while back and now they are up there courtesy of someone else. Saved me some headaches.

    P.S. you still have to pay for VEE even if you completed it through college courses ($50 for one topic, $75 for two, and $100 for three). So if you still need the other VEE's and are thinking of fulfilling them through classes, you might as well take save some money by sending them together.


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      Why don't you try calling or emailing SOA directly?