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    For the summer internship, What exactly do they do usually? For example, when you do the pricing, are you watching other full-time employees do, or are you actually being a part of it? or you do it indivially?

    What is the rotational internship?
    What kind of internships are best for college students, Rotational? or stay in the specific department?

    Thanks all

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    For my internship, they give you easy stuff to start out with. They won't give you anything to work on by yourself that is really important because you don't know anything yet. For my internship, I do a lot of routine things like entering data into Excel which can also help you learn about the company- you just have to ask questions about what you're doing. I also do a lot of projects that are designed to help me learn the different software the company uses in an actuarial capacity. These projects are more for my benefit than the company's immediate need. Hope this helps!


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      Nice to know they don't completely set you loose on your own during the internship. I could imagine all sorts of terrible things happening...
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        So what does a first year in the university have to offer in a company, moreso in a bank?:dull:


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          my summer internship was probably one of the easiest jobs i ever had. i basically learned the ins and outs of Excel and how to communicate analysis of data to people who may not understand actuarial terminology.

          i personally have never even heard of a "rotational internship"
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