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Questions about the job that aren't asked too often

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  • Questions about the job that aren't asked too often

    I'm in need of some guidance. I'm currently a sophomore in college, and I am about to declare my major. I've done some research, and actuary sounds like a dream job for me. However, some things I've read about are really scary. I'm afraid I might end up not succeeding, which would result in wasted exam fees and wasted time pursuing a career and major that aren't right for me. Answers to any of the following questions or some advice would be very much appreciated.

    1. How frequently and how much do actuaries have to write?
    2. Would it be really difficult to improve my oral communication skills? How should I go about improving them? [They are so bad that, when kids in the library ask me to help them with their homework (prime factorization, for example), I can do it, but I can't explain how to do it]
    3. Do you have to be a natural genious at math, or would lots of studying and practice be enough to make you qualified for the job? To give you a better understanding of my mathematical ability, here's some background:
    -A's in all my high school math classes
    -Math B regents- only 82
    -AP Calculus AB score- 4
    -I haven't taken any math classes in college, since the AP exam exempted me from them.
    Given this information, do you think I might be able to develop the mathematical skills to become an actuary?
    4. What would be the best way to make myself look attractive to employers? I've read about an 11-month job search and a 2-year job search from people who have passed 2 or more exams, yet I also hear about some people who have passed no exams and still found jobs.
    5. Are the government jobs the most comfortable? If yes, is their demand for actuaries relatively high, low, or medium?
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