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BYU which major?

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  • BYU which major?

    Hello, I will be going to Brigham Young University in fall and was wonderng which major to choose. While they do have actuarial science there, there business school is supposedly one f the top ten undergrads n the US. So I was wondering if majoring in Business management with a focus in finance would be a bad move instead of choosng actuarial science? Thank you.

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    BYU does have a strong business program, and I believe their accounting program is #2 in the nation. However, don't be so quick to discount the actuarial program.

    I graduated from BYU's little sister to the north (in Rexburg) last year, then moved cross country, and then realized I wanted to become an actuary. I've had two actuarial internship interviews over the last few months and, in both interviews, people read "Brigham Young University" on my resume and had high praise for BYU's actuarial program. If it's recognized out East I'm sure it's recognized out West (or where ever you're wanting to end up.)


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      BYU math profs told me to go to U of Utah in 1967. Times have changed - BYU began their actuarial program based upon stats prof who worked with me at my first actuarial student job. BYU's actuarial program seems solid now.

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