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  • What next?

    I passed exam P in March. I passed FM today. I have no experience. I have been teaching jr high math for the last 7 years after double majoring in Finance/Math with an applied stat minor.

    So my question is, can i possibly get a job now? (I am going to try nonetheless.)

    Second, should I take another exam in the meantime? If so, which one? I have no personal preference. I am willing to just work my way through in whatever order is easiest or most common.

    Third, when is too much as far as exams passed before getting a job?

    Last, when does the whole VEE thing come in to play?

    Thanks to anyone who has an opinion on any of my questions?

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    Congrats cmack on getting both exams done. What sources have you used to pass those tests?

    Here's more information about the VEE:

    From what I know based on the other posts is that I know you have to pass at least 2 exams then you can do your VEE credentials. You'll need those in order to become a associate.

    Hope that helps?!?


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      I'll take any info I can get. Thanks! Seems like the first 2 exams are a given, but now things are all up in the air. Actually have to make some decisions instead of just study and take the test.

      I used Dr. Ostrazewski's ASM manual for both exams. I also took his seminar for both, which helped a lot. I like to sit in the classroom setting to learn. Should be interesting studying for the next one as Dr. Ostrazewski has been my only source of into so far. His manuals are very challenging. They go above and beyond which I think is great. As they say, study for a 10 so that you will get at least a 6.


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        could I ask you how many study hours you logged in for each exam? and also, what's your plan as far as the job search goes? Will you use a recruiter? Thanks!
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          I took exam P March 24th, then took a couple weeks off. So I started studying about 6 weeks out and really tried to hit it hard. In the last couple weeks, I would spend an average of 2-3 hours studying after work and during my lunchbreak. Sometimes more. I believe that you study for a 10 so that you can get at least a 6.

          As far as job search goes, (I am currently a teacher) when the school year ends I am going to start contacting companies in Chicago myself in addition to using a recruiter. Gonna exhaust all avenues. Also, I am going to look for advice from a few professors at my alma mater Valpo.