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i'm an immigrant, what are my chances?

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  • i'm an immigrant, what are my chances?

    I migrated to Canada last fall but I went back to the philippines to finish my undergrad studies(BS Stat). I graduated last april and sat on Exam P last May. Instead of looking for work, I enrolled for additional subjects I might need for future actuarial exams. Im planning on taking exam FM this November. Im going back to Canada early next year to start my actuarial career.However, Ive read that it's pretty competitive there. Do you think I can get an entry level actuarial job with only two exams(assuming I passed both) and no work experience? Or should I gain experience here in the Philippines? Does foreign work experience count?

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    If Canada is anything like US, you should be fine with two exams.


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      From what I hear, it's not. 2 exams in Canada is supposedly like 1 exam in the U.S. because of the number of people coming out of college with 3-4 exams and the smaller number of actuarial positions in Canada to begin with.
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