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Should I pursue a career as an actuary?

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  • Should I pursue a career as an actuary?

    So, I just got out of high school in Canada.
    This forum is an amazing resource and I would really appreciate it if you could take the time to answer these questions.

    1) In your opinion, what are some pros and cons of becomming an actuary?
    2) How many exams could one take during his or her 4 years in undergrad?
    3) What are some job prospects with a major in acturial science if one decides to not pursue a career as an actuary? If someone is not sure if he or she wants to become an actuary, would it be 'better' to major in something like maths or computer science?
    4) What would you have done differently, and what would you have liked to have known regarding becoming an actuary?
    5) How long does it take to become a fellow?
    6) What is the difference between CAS and SOA?
    7) Are there opportunities for promotion, and is earning a 6 figure salary 'reasonably' achievable?

    EDIT: For some reason, this was posted in this wrong sub-forum. Could any moderator move it to the General Discussion?
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