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MLC New Syllabus

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  • MLC New Syllabus

    Looking over the last offering of exam MLC which was released by the SOA. About half the questions stemmed from new syllabus's almost like a totally new exam rather than a slight adjustment.

    Anyways I have the Actex Fall 2011 MLC Review Questions

    Can anyone tell me whether this version covers the new syllabus material....if not can anyone tell me what type of questions I can still utilize from this version??

    Many Thanks

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    I think your Actex is for the old syllabus.

    Due to the substantial change in the last sitting, even TIA and ASM are trying to add more materials on the new materials. No one except the SOA exam committee knows what will really be on the exam.

    Disclaimer: I sat for MLC in last Nov and recent May. Sigh... very likely I failed again.


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      Sorry to hear about that but maybe this will help!

      I've found two wonderful resources which cover all material in the exam. (Not like their aren't a ton of exam manuals) But these two resources combine for a thorough analysis which goes beyond just being able to answer questions and dives into real understanding of concepts and mathematics!

      Actuarial Mathematics For Life Contingent Risks by:
      David C. M. Dickson, Mary R. Hardy, Howard R. Waters

      Supplementary notes for said book