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Pursuing Masters Degree - Necessary for Engineering Graduate?

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  • Pursuing Masters Degree - Necessary for Engineering Graduate?

    As a senior Electrical Engineering student, I recently decided that I would like to utilize the analytical skills I have gained throughout my degree to study towards becoming a qualified actuary. Although I am American, I am studying at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. I have secured an actuarial internship at an insurance company in London for the summer, but I would ideally like to return to the United States after graduation. Although I am planning to take Exam P in November, I am worried that I will miss the fall recruitment for most companies. Furthermore, as an engineering graduate I am wondering if it would be useful to pursue a Masters degree in a field related more closely to actuarial science such as Statistics or Financial Mathematics. Although a graduate degree would prepare me for more of the exams and allow me to network more extensively in the US, I am wary about taking out extra student loans in pursuit of a career where a Masters degree is not essential. What are your thoughts? Thanks for any advice!