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  • Salary question

    Hi All,

    How big is the difference between male and female actuarial salaries? Does anyone know the percentage of male versus female FSA/FCAS?

    I just read a shocking book discussing salary discrimination based on gender. Anyway, I would like to know how bad it is for actuaries. If you do not feel comfortable posting, feel free to send me a private message.

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    By unofficial rule, actuaries don't go talking to each other about what they make. Asking "so, how much do you make?" in an interview is almost certainly guaranteed to result in a "thanks, but no thanks" response.

    AFA how many male/female FSA/FCAS, again ... no idea. It's not something the SOA or CAS releases.
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      According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

      See bottom of first page, computer and mathematical occupations, women's median earnings as percent of men's is 84.2%

      I do think that a lot of factors have to be considered. Many (not all) women still choose less demanding careers for family reasons, nothing wrong with that, but it is something that might be bringing numbers down. However, a man and a woman with the same level of experience and preparation to do a specific job generally make pretty much the same where I work (I'm a woman) and we all know how much everyone else makes (not actuarial, finally got an actuarial job but haven't started yet).

      I guess I don't really worry much about these type of things on a personal level. I know there are places that still have the mentality of "men do the real work" and where you generally only see women in administrative and support roles. I remember an interview years ago where I was actually asked if it would bother me to work with so many men, of course, I lost interest in that job right then, not because I care about working with many men (I don't, actually I tend to get along better with men than with women), but because they would even consider that would be an issue. But there are plenty of places that don't have that kind of mentality, specially in larger companies (at least that's my impression). I just wouldn't lose my sleep over that, if I'm treated unfairly because of my gender, I'll move on somewhere else.