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  • Market Saturation

    Hi, i'm a student in South Africa and i am currently in the 11th grade. i have been wanting to become a Acturay for aronud 2 years or so. However, at the moment in South Africa, almost all the top grade students are wanting to become an actuary (For instance, out of around top 10 students in a school, 4 students are usually opting to become an actuary) This is exceptionally worse since around 2004. when all of these people graduation there will be a saturation in the market and even now graduates from the act course (12 tests i think) are finding it difficult to get employed. It will become even worse when i graduate from a ACt Course.

    Is the problem the same in the US or Canada

    P.S the SA Act system is based on the UK one and the Fellowship tests are bought from the UK

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    No saturation here, come on over!