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Best Languages for an actuary

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  • Best Languages for an actuary

    First, I'm sorry for muy english and if you have already talked about this topic.
    I'm a spanish boy interested in learn a second language. What language is better, german or french?
    In Spain actuaries don't need pass an exam for working in the actuarial area. I know that in United Kingdom passing an exam is necessary. Do you know what happen in Germany and France?

    Thank you very much

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    If you're asking about Germany and France, I would suspect that the native language in each country would be important to know.

    wrt exams and the actuarial field:
    -- France:
    -- Germany: or
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      Thanks Irish Blues,

      I know that the native language is necessary to know, but if you're working in England, for example, what language do you think is better?