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    i am doing a Bsc in Operations Research and Statistics,i want to write actuarial exams,is it possible for me to do so? How hard should i read considering i will also be doing my degree? What should i be sure of in order to start studying and write the exams?

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    Hard to tell. You have to read the materials yourself and have your own feeling.

    I have heard many different stories. Some people graduated from top school with good grades may say those exams hard while many people say those exams are not very hard.


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      1. Is it possible? Of course it's possible; the better question is "how easy will it be?" Only you can answer that.
      2. How hard should you read? As hard as you need to pass the exam. That's true whether you're working on a degree or not.
      3. What should you be sure of? That you really do want to go through the exams.
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        okay,im getting it...i am in zimbabwe,which board do you think is best,CAS or Faculty Institute of Actuaries?