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    After a protracted and fruitless job search I am beginning to think that a career as an actuary may not be in the cards for me. I’m not giving but I want to broaden my search. What else can I do with the mathematics I have learned preparing to be an actuary other than be an actuary?

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    Underwriting comes to mind.
    Perhaps finance, accounting, book keeping, analyst, economics are areas to look into as well? Finding something in a consulting firm also is a possibility.

    I actually was offered a job with a company that had a subsidiary company that had recently merged with or acquired an actuarial consulting firm. My original plan was to go the long way. Work in a financial analyst role for the company (the job was really just working on reconciliations for a large project) All the while studying for exams and trying to transfer over to the actuarial consultants when I had 3 exams under my belt.

    Wasn't a bad plan but I was eventually offered an actuarial specialist position elsewhere.

    Something to consider!

    Hope that helps!