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Info on which field to enter - P&C, Life, Health etc.

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  • Info on which field to enter - P&C, Life, Health etc.

    Are there any discussions that guide us aboutwhich of the fields - P&C, Health, Life etc to choose? What are the possibilities of switching from one to another?

    Any advice/info would be welcome.


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    I asked the same question, here is the answer from Irish Blue

    1. Sometimes you just want to go in a particular direction, sometimes you're just looking for a position in the field. If you know you want to do something particular (property/casualty, life, health, pensions), then that's the direction you go. If you don't, then you're open and you wait to see what comes along.

    2. The societies are:
    SOA - Society of Actuaries (life, health, pensions)
    CAS - Casulaty Actuary Society (property/casualty)

    And no ...going down the path with one society doesn't grant you the right to practice as a member of the other.


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      Also, geography has a lot to do with it.

      I think that Retirement has the most variety of locations to work (inside the U.S.).

      If you want to work overseas, you should get into life or p/c insurance/consulting. Probably with a big 4 firm or a very large insurance company.