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  • Homework assignment

    I need to interview an actuary for homework and would like to know if anyone could reply. It would only take 10 minutes or so. The questions are below.
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    This post might be of your interest:

    If your questions look similar, ask participants to forward you any PMs from back then.
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      The questions:
      1. Where do you work?
      2. How many years have you been an actuary?
      3. What type of schooling did you need to become an actuary?
      4. What are your typical working conditions?
      5. What does a normal day at work look like?
      6. What do you see as "good parts" in your job?
      7. What do you see as "bad parts" in your job?
      8. Do you see an increasing or decreasing need for the workers in the field? Why?
      9. What are three skills you need every day in your job?
      10. What are your recommendations about how I can develop these skills to become better prepared for this career?
      11. What advice do you have for me, a senior in high school, wishing to enter into this field?