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    In the following article on my website, I set out my analysis and conclusions about the frequency of natural disasters in the world. Incidentally, when the target of disasters ceases to be poor countries and switches to the West, all insurance companies will cease to trade. I believe this will happen in the next year or so. Most of you should switch career, and eating habits. I hope that you listen to this advice which is well-intentioned.

    Natural Disasters
    Contrary to what scientists say, the frequency and severity of natural disasters has not been increasing in recent years: it is stable at 5% of the world’s population being impacted every year. But, there was a big increase between about 1975 and 1995. There were basically no disasters at all until then, and none at all of significance before 1965. Why is this? In case this is interesting to you, the economic damage is set to shoot through the roof as God starts to target the West rather than poor countries (except half of India).

    This chart is taken from EM-DAT International Disaster Database, Center for Research on Epidemiology of Disasters, University of Louvain.
    An average disaster nowadays impacts the lives of 1 million people, some 300 million people every year. This equates to there being a 5% chance every year of you being affected by a natural disaster.
    If you do the sums (I am a mathematician), there is a 70% chance that you personally will be affected by a natural disaster in the course of the next 25 years.
    This leaves out of the equation the incidence of man made disasters, mainly nuclear incident possibilities. I write elsewhere about the extreme risks that mankind is running by developing nuclear power plants without proper safeguards.
    The number of people impacted by technological disasters is rather small, one-thousandth of the number impacted by natural disasters. This is going to change as more and more nuclear disasters happen. My guess is that some 25% of the world is going to be impacted by nuclear disaster, over the next 25 years.
    To sum up, in the case of about 7% of the population of the world, God does not want them to be exposed to disasters.
    He wants some 93% of the world to know what it is like to be exposed, homeless, injured, hungry etc. The people who die from natural disasters are relatively few, it does not really matter what you die from unless it is to be a peaceful death.
    The reason for the huge increase in natural disasters is that people have been switching towards a meat-based diet over the last 40 years. I discuss this in more detail elsewhere. Previously people ate meat less and also the animals suffered less up to the point of death. People who are vegetarian have not and will not be impacted by disasters.
    It should also be noted that disaster is not the only thing that will impact you. Please read my Blog of late January which sets out the results of my mathematical analysis of the rapidly growing incidence of type II diabetes. In that Blog I show that about 93% (the same 93%) will be impacted by the currently not well known absolutely horrible effects of that disease.
    It should be noted that if you are vegetarian and you happen to live in a disaster target zone, you will not suffer, even your house will not be destroyed, you will not suffer from radiation exposure, etc.
    The message is that you should avoid injuring animals(you should not even domesticate them) if you wish to avoid being one of the 93% of the world who eat meat and who will in the coming years be impacted by natural disaster. The choice is yours.
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