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The New Little Known Prevalent Diseases

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  • The New Little Known Prevalent Diseases

    ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis), CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) and Fibromyalgia now impact about 13% of the Western population of the world. They are simply the body effects of recovering from Western medical intervention.
    There is nothing much that can be done: the body needs time to heal.
    You should let your spouse look after you while you relax as much as possible at home.
    Soon these diseases will impact about 65% of the Western population.
    They are spreading like wild-fire but little noticed in the press.
    There is massive under-reporting of these diseases: “Researchers say as many as twenty times more men appeared to have fibromyalgia based on their survey response than had been diagnosed, while three times more women reported fibromyalgia symptoms than were diagnosed.” (
    “the pain is twice the severity, and life impact, of rheumatoid arthritis.” (Journal of Rheumatology).
    “The rate of disability for Fibromyalgia patients may be as high as 44 percent or more”, according to the Arthritis Foundation
    “It is to be noted however, that those with FM, have a higher than normal suicide rate, which stands at over nine times the national average, at 26.1 %, The normal figures for the general population, is 2.9%”
    “The pain was unbelievable, but I just thought it would go away or that it was all in my head. It got to the point that I became depressed. I couldn't sleep or do the things I enjoyed, like hiking and walking.”
    “The main symptom of CFS is persistent physical and mental fatigue (exhaustion). This does not go away with sleep or rest and limits your usual activities.
    Most people with CFS describe this fatigue as overwhelming, and a different type of tiredness from what they have experienced before.”