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  • Your advice needed!

    Hey guys, I am finishing up one of my summer classes this upcoming week. I have then basically 2 months to myself. I would like to start preparing for the first actuarial exam. I am a freshman going into my sophomore year of college. I have taken Calculus 2 and Linear Algebra, thats the highest form of mathematics I have taken so far. No Stats or Prob courses. Some Calculus 3 i have been doing on my own.

    Anyway, I wanted to know if you guys reccomended me buying a BPP training set?? They cost like $175-250, but they seem comprehensive. Any advice on what books I should buy considering my background? I would like to take the next actuarial exam date, I dont know exactly when that is, I guess Fall 2005?

    any help is greatly appreciated, thanks a lot guys

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    This link should help:

    I took Course 1 in Fall 2004, and I used the Actex manual; it offered a lot of example problems, sample exams, and was pretty comprehensive. However, effective for the Spring 2005 sitting, the exam's syllabus changed, so I don't know if Actex is still as well-regarded for it.

    I wish you the best on everything.
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      thanks man, i appreciate it buddy!

      some more questions thou

      were you referring to this study guide: ??

      also, i have until july 22nd to register for the exam, and the exam is in approximately 3 months. i have now until september 1st totally free. is that enough time to prepapre for the exam??
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        Yes, that is the guide I used.

        Is three months enough time . . . that is very difficult to judge. I actually was able to get an internship last summer and they provided us with study hours, so I was able to study a decent amount during the summer. I was also enrolled in a probability class in the upcoming semester, which was invaluable, so it was like I was studying everyday.

        I don't know what your "Calculus II" class entailed, since it varies across schools, but I didn't learn about double integration until Calc III, and that was tested a fair bit on the probability questions involving calculus when I took the exam. If you have a good book, you could probably teach yourself, but you would have to factor this into your time.

        Another thing is that learning the material is fine, but figuring out how to do exam questions is another realm in itself. You need to work as many problems as you can find from past examinations (that will still be relevant considering the syllabus change) so that you can figure out how to approach and tackle these types of questions. You could know how to do all of the probability, but if you can't understand the terminology that the test uses and of what you are being asked, it is fruitless.

        Hopefully someone who has gone through a similar situation could post something, since I'm coming from a different angle. With diligence, though, you probably could become prepared. You just have to be dedicated and not take this test lightly.
        act justly. walk humbly. .