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Which text is best to study for 1/P

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  • Which text is best to study for 1/P

    I am a high school math teacher looking to change fields. I have a strong background in statistics, a little week and self-reviewing in calculus right now.

    I want to begin studying for the first exam, but am perplexed by the list of texts suggested. Can anyone please tell me which was the most helpful to them for the first and second exams?

    I would also appreciate any suggestions on other materials that helped you to pass these exams. Especially those of you who may not have passed on the first try, and found something that helped you pass the next try.

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    i bought the Actex Exam P study manual. and it is great if you complement it with the Schaums Outline of Prob and Stats. The Schaums outline you can find at any public library and the Actex book ran me $65 with shipping included. and if you're calculus is rusty, i would reccomend getting "How to Ace the Rest of Calculus" which basically covers partial differention, double integration which is basically all you need i believe


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      Welcome to the forum, SueA. I took Course 1 in Fall 2004, and I used the Actex manual; it offered a lot of example problems, sample exams, and was pretty comprehensive. However, effective for the Spring 2005 sitting, the exam's syllabus changed, so I don't know if Actex is still as well-regarded for it (though I don't know how it could be bad).

      Another thing is that learning the material is fine, but figuring out how to do exam questions is another realm in itself. You need to work as many problems as you can find from past examinations (that will still be relevant considering the syllabus change) so that you can figure out how to approach and tackle these types of questions. You could know how to do all of the probability, but if you can't understand the terminology that the test uses and of what you are being asked, it is fruitless.

      I just sat for Exam FM, and it has also undergone a syllabus change. It only tests on Interest Theory; previously Course 2 tested this in addition to Economics and Corporate Finance. So, I used Kellison’s Theory of Interest, all of the relevant past exam questions I could find given the syllabus change, and scurried to find non-exam questions online that seemed relevant. I thought using Kellison was really good for getting the concepts, and I worked some problems from it as well, but going through actually past exam questions is invaluable; you must do this. These strategies helped me to pass it.

      I wish you the best on everything.
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