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Recruiters ... if you have experience with them, share your thoughts please

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  • Recruiters ... if you have experience with them, share your thoughts please

    So when you first contacted a recruiting agency in order to enlist their help, how long did it take before you heard anything back from them?

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    I sent my resumé to D.W. Simpson and heard back the next day.
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      Before I found out I had passed FM I sent my resume to DW Simpson and they told me to pass an exam first then get back to them. Once I found out I passed FM I sent them my new resume on a Friday night and they got back to me Monday morning with a short questioner to fill out. I did that today and now I am waiting to hear back.

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        my experience has been bittersweet. i have worked with 4 different recruiters (dw simpson, sc international, birch corp, pinnacle). i've had 5 interviews thus far and only 1 of those was from the recruiter. i've only spoken to the recruiters from sc and birch once and that was 2 weeks ago. the dw guy i'm working with seems to never see anything; i'll email him stuff i see on their website only for him to tell me that position closed or something. plus, he sends out my resume without telling me. the one that keeps the best contact with me is the lady from pinnacle. but almost all of the interviews i'm having i'm getting on my own by applying to the company's website or using monster. i'm getting a bad taste in my mouth from recruiters, personally. but i'm sure some really do help, maybe mine actually will come thru in a few days...


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          I'm hesitant to name names in this thread, like I would be in a thread that asked about interview experiences with (insert company game) in general. I'll give overviews, but where I had a bad experience - there are 2 companies in particular that after interviewing with them, I will NEVER work for them even if they threw a huge pile of money at me - I won't name who those companies are.

          I sent info to 6 recruiters, I heard back from 2. Of those 2, one was *very* good about keeping me informed, the other ... eh - if I called to check in, great; if I didn't, no big deal - they didn't seem to care either way. While I found my current job without the help of a recruiter (of the 8 interviews I had, only 1 came from them), I will not hesitate to go back to the company that was very helpful for me if/when I decide to look elsewhere; if nothing else, I got valuable tips on preparing an effective resume and information on how to interview effectively - things that helped me get the job I have.

          Some information that everyone who has used (or is thinking of using) a recruiter should know ...

          Recruiters will (or at least should) tell you that even if you're looking to them, you should still be looking on your own. There are companies who are hiring that will not take applications from recruiters, especially for entry-level positions. If you're relying on a recruiter to find you a job, you're going about this the wrong way. It's also not up to the recruiter to call you every week; you need to contact the recruiter and continue to show interest.

          Also realize that you're not guaranteed to get an interview every week or every 2 weeks if you use a recruiter; they can only send your information to places where (A) you fit the job description, (B) you've expressed the willingness to go, and (C) the company with the open position has expressed the desire to get information on you. The recruiter can say, "I've got someone who's looking to get into the field, he/she has a 3.5 GPA with a degree in math and 2 exams passed." If the company is interested and they ask for your info, the recruiter will call and ask if it's OK if they send your information to the company; if the company is not interested, there's nothing you can do about it. A recruiter should never send your resume off unless you give approval to do so.
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            Please only mention specific company names or specific recruiting firm names when speaking positive of them. You can simply mention the good and leave out the ones that weren't quite as good.... i.e.; "I spoke with 6 companies and these two were the best...".
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