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Stats on Health Insurance Caps

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  • Stats on Health Insurance Caps

    Hello everyone. I'm new to this group, but I can't imagine a better place to go fishin' for some information that I'm looking for.

    I work with a professional research service that handles a wide variety of business, health, and legal work. I've been asked to create a data table on the statistical probablility of an individual exceeding a $2,000,000 lifetime cap on their health insurance.

    In other words, a table that can answer questions like: What is the likelihood that a 30 year old woman, or a 55 year old man will hit the cap in the remainder of their lifetime (assuming they've just started with the insurance plan)?

    I have seen absolutely ZERO information on this topic. The insurance companies must have the acturarial data that they use to set their caps, but I can' find anything that is publicly available.

    Any thoughts???

    Thanks a lot.