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    Greetings and Salutations,

    After 13 years of nursing, and the collapse of job opportunities (for my low level nursing certificate,) I am forced to further my education. I commited academic suicide at a young age, by *blowing off* my education and becoming a Vocational/Practicle nurse. My original plan in life was to pursue a degree in Mathematics, how I ended up a nurse, I do not know.

    I completed two years of calculus in high school, and have recently pulled out the ole text book to re-teach my self. It has been 15 years since I took those classes, and yes I '''''ed up and didnt take the AP exams.

    Looking for self-study direction, I stumbled across the actuary field, and have decided, that for *fun* I would model my home studies to pass the P exam, I guess to see If I can do it.

    I have been reading and can not find any mention of anything in the DFW area, jobs, societies, clubs, schools that offer actuarial concentrated studies, so I guess
    my question is this: Is there anyone out there from North Texas? Student or professional?

    I have asked everyone I know, and NOONE knows an actuary, or even has a clue what they do, and most have never even heard of an actuary.

    Angela in Weatherford Texas.

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    I dunno, I remember reading this thread a few months ago; I know it's not directly answering your questions, but maybe it will help:
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      I know UT Austin has an act sci program. For companies in the DFW area, search Dallas or Fort Worth in the SOA directory.
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