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  • Regarding Exam

    I am newbie here . I have enrolled for FM & C exam.I have just started preparing for the FM & C exam.Right now I have around 2 months for preparation.I was wondering whether this two months preparation would be Ok to pass the test.

    I am an undergraduate final year B.stat(Hons.) student.I am keenly interested in actuarial science.
    How feasible is that??And How many hours study would I need to give to pass the both exam?

    Please help out.
    Thanking You.

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    The consensus is usually around 100 hours for every hour of exam time. You need about 600 hours to pass FM and C.


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      Thanks for your Reply.
      That mean i have to study more then 10 hours in a day.That is Okay.
      But still i want to know is it feasible? Or should I concentrate on only one Paper.
      Actually I have no background for FM. But i have studied many topics in my graduation course ,which is included in C exam.
      That's Why i'm confused.
      should i go for Both exam ? or Should I go for FM ? or C?


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        I'd concentrate on one. Don't kill yourself studying for both. You wouldn't want to get 5's on both and have to take them both over again when instead you can concentrate on one, pass it, and take the other in may.


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          Starting now? Definitely FM - it's one book, the book is very good, and there's a lot less different material to have to pick up.

          If you try C, you're talking about *seriously* having to cram for the next 2 months on several different areas that sort of tie together but not completely. I'm taking CAS 3 and have been studying for over 2 months now, and I know people who are trying to do the 8-week cram session method and are finding out that it's not nearly as easy as they thought.

          As was mentioned, even if you've got 20 hours a day to study, at this point I would pick FM as the test this fall and go after it.
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            I think you're underestimating exam C.
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