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What classes to focus on?

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  • What classes to focus on?

    I'm in the third semester of my major in NJIT's Mathematical Sciences: Finance and Actuarial Science program ( ), and given the requirements, including general education requirements, 16 credits a semester will give me a total 8 credits free in my last semester to use as I please (I'm -seriously- contemplating going to 18-20 credits a semester if it works in my schedule - I work approximately 30 hours a week, needing at least 20 to pay bills, and commute 2.5 hours daily).

    As is, my two electives at the end of the day will most likely be Actuarial Science 1 and 2 offered by the University, but if I free up extra time (I'm not going past 5 more semesters after the current one if at all avoidable), which of the following arenas should I concentrate on in excess of the degree requirements?

    Computer programming, advanced accounting, finance, advanced calculus, business writing, statistics? Of all of the categories, calculus is definitely my largest strength.

    Also, is some business law a necessity and/or bonus?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Definitely take a computer science class. If it's programming in C, C++, Java, whatever - you'll want this. Employers will want this. If you have a language that you can program in proficiently, this becomes less of a need.

    If your writing skills are strong, I wouldn't worry about business writing. I think most employers at least have on-the-job training in this area (mine does).

    Personally, I would suggest statistics - but that's because it was the area I really liked in math. Advanced calculus IMO won't be that much of a help - you won't use the vast majority of it.

    Otherwise, finance and intro business law would be good supplements to what you'll be doing.
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