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Questions about requirements. Thanks!

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  • Questions about requirements. Thanks!

    Hello! I'm a college junior majoring in Math and Finance, and I want to become an actuary.

    I went to the school's career service, and they can't really offer much useful info about actuarial exams. Anyway, I've been to the, and I still do not really understand the requirements. So, please excuse me if the questions are stupid, but I just really want to make sure that I get the basics right. =)

    1. Do I have to take all the VEE approved classes on the list before 1/P and 2/FM?

    2. What does it mean by VEE topic requirement? Is it classified into 3 parts, Applied Stats, Corp. Fin and Econ? Do I have to fulfill all these requirements?

    3. I'm not interested in Applied Stats, so if I had a C on a statistics class (which is listed under the Applied Stats category), do I need to retake it again to get at least a B-?

    4. On the list, they have dates under the courses, e.g. Economics 741 (2000-2007). I'll be graduating next year in 2009, so I don't have to pay attention to those classes, right?

    Thank you very much for all your help!