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    I am considering becoming an actuary, and am stumped on a few details.

    Where will passing the first exam get me with regards to jobs?

    I am studying for this exam on my own, and have not even begun. What text(s) should I study from?

    Other helpful info would be useful.

    Thanks for responding,

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    Hey Scott,

    As far as first exams and jobs go, I would say the market would be pretty saturated if you just have one exam in hand. This also depends on the fact that if you are a fresh graduate or a career changer. If you are a fresh graduate, your competition will be the other students who graduate at about the same time as yourself with one or more exams in their hands. My personal advice is to pass at least two exams just to be on the safe side of things.

    For the study materials, refer to the SOA website for some recommended readings from text books which they have pre-selected. Also, take a look at the Course P section of this forum to gage on the recommended books, for extra reading and exercises which has been posted a reasonable amount of times in that forum. Preferably look for the topic with the poll on which books to use. That'll give you a better overview on which books are highly recommended by the previous exam takers.