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    I have a couple questions about the actuarial science field. I am a career changer with a tech degree and a few years of mangment experience. I am now a college student majoring in math. I have read through quite a few of these posts and gathered that actuarial science for the most part self taught. Do the rest of the exams remain as mathematical in nature as the first 2? I ask that because the appeal of the field for me is the math. If I were to study anything on my own I would definitely prefer it be math or some application of it.
    My second question is, as a career changer in my 30s, early 30s, but still...are there any major set backs to be expected from a transistion like this? There isn't much on my resume that would help me out much in a field like this other than showing that I did have an apptitude for technical subjects and about 4 years of managment experience. I have seen an enormous amount of emphasis put on the exams and studying for them. Other than that is there any advice or foresight that anyone could give me as far as what to expect or where to go if it does indeed turn out to be a practical choice?


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    If you think 1 and 2 are very mathematical in nature, you may be in for a surprise. 3 and 4 have so much more math, it's intense.
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