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Which is the best/most challenging FSA designation?

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    Originally posted by thesecondmouse View Post
    Not at all, it was based on irrational things that go on in my head, thereby making me flip flop at any given instance on issues I have already decided. I may need to get myself evaluated.

    Seriously though, I'm just having a tough time making up my mind on what I want to do. One thing I know for sure is it must include mathematical analysis and be dealing with business/money/finance and NOT be accounting. As a solution I will begin FAP next week, my reasoning is if I'm in deep it will be harder for me to change my mind. That's my rationale and I'm sticking to it. I will see how it goes, it may not be the traditional path but I feel its the quickest way for me to immerse myself in the material.
    Sounds like a plan.
    Good Luck


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      Originally posted by wat View Post
      "Most challenging", of course, is all relative. Often times, when candidates are at the stage in their career that they're taking FSA exams, they'll have had at least a little work experience, and presumably, that work experience will help you understand the advanced topics of the FSA syllabi that are built upon the basics you learn on the job and in the preliminary exams.
      seo egypt
      For me, I work in Life Insurance primarily, but after an unsuccessful attempt at the ILA Design and Pricing exam, I decided to switch to the ERM/Finance track. It was a personal choice based on my personal outlook on the future of business and where things are trending. It was quite a challenge because I didn't have much experience with ERM/Finance topics from school or work, but I did find the material interesting and challenging.

      That's just my own experience, so you can take that for what it's worth.
      i'm agree with u
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