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  • inscompensclmsdeptcalcs3

    The latest excel spreadsheet which can perform 6 types of calculation still being done manually in life and pensions claims, as well as actuarial, departments within insurance companies is called inscompensclmsdeptcalcs3 (there are no modules/VB, only worksheet formulae/functions!) and is available as a stock file to download to your laptop from the Scribd website. Once you have downloaded the file to your laptop/personal device, you can also copy and paste the FORMULAE to other worksheets in this workbook and add more calculations or add to calculations, thus using the formulae as building blocks within the workbook. I wish that I had had my laptop, able to download this file, 30 years ago when I started my first job in the pensions actuarial department of an Edinburgh insurance company, I would have automated ALL of that job!!
    I love technology!!