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Gym memberships - how is the value measured?

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  • Gym memberships - how is the value measured?

    Hello -

    I am an urban planner and I would like an idea of the amount of exercise is presumed when an individual visits a gym. This comes from my experience of having to get that form filled out that shows that I've visited a gym "x" number of times to receive a check from Oxford.

    My reason for this is that i want to measure the benefit of cycling a certain distance (with an average time to do so), and whether or not this would be equalize with going to a gym "x" amount of times.

    If this is propietary info, you can send it to me from a anon email address. If not, you can get back to me here.

    Also - would this idea be interesting to any health insurance companies, if the pathway between the two points was safe?