If you are student or an entry-level candidate and want to learn useful Excel, Excel VBA, SQL and Access skills, I have found actuwaiters.com to be a very useful resource. It is an online course taught by an FSA and provides lectures, practice exercises and video solutions on the aforementioned topics. The course started earlier this year and has about 200 subscribers.

As an entry-level candidate w/ 3 exams (P/1, FM/2 and MFE/3F) and no actuarial work experience that has been struggling to find a job, I feel that brushing up on these skills and being able to talk about them to a prospective employer might help me set myself apart from other entry-level candidates.
I just wanted to let those of you in a similar situation to be able to take advantage of this learning opportunity. For the amount of material in the course, it is only $70.